We offer our customer solutions on a scientific basis in product development, operational problems, the timely establishment of modern methods based on international standards, the routine examination of foods and advice on legal issues as well as the production of sales certificates.

In addition to round-robin tests as part of the accreditation, the Institute participates in international collaborative trials. Several employees are working as sensory experts (examiner pass or Saxon State Office for environment, agriculture and geology).

In the catalogue of services you will find an overview of our investigations. A large proportion of methods is certified by DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005. Following the guidelines in the current labeling law, we now offer nutritional requirements for food to.

If you require special investigation methods, please contact us. We help you.



director of institute: Professor Dr. Peggy G. Braun
Tel (0341) 9738220, Fax (0341) 9738249

leader of service laboratory: Dr. Martina Ludewig
Tel (0341) 9738220, 9738145