Education and training

Our facility is a recognized training center for the training of Fachtierarzt für Lebensmittelhygiene/Fleischhygiene/Milchhygiene". We also provide continuing education courses through to specialized veterinary training. [link]

  • As part of the residency-program for training as a diplomate of European College of Veterinary Public Health [ECVPH) we offer selected developments. [link
  • Together with the Institute of Animal Hygiene and Veterinary Public Health, we usually twice per year conduct lectures to all topics of Veterinary Public Health. [link]
  • Together with the Bundesverband der beamteten Tierärzte e.V. (BbT) we carry out an annual one-day seminar on various topics of public veterinary. [link]
  • Once a month, together with the institute of animal hygiene and Veterinary Public Health a doctoral seminar [link] is held.