Food hygiene
Prof. Dr. Peggy G. Braun, Dr. M. Ludewig, Dr. A. Lange-Starke, Dr. T. Albert

 General section: 

• introduction (requirements / concepts)
• basics of food microbiology with food spoilage/starter cultures
foodborne (module "zoonoses / infections") 6 FS
food law including administrative law (module "food-law") 7.FS
• residues and contaminants in food (module "residues") 7.FS
methods of preservation, including packaging
• sensors


Special section:

• meat and animal fat including parasites
minced meat / meat preparations / MSM
pickle and smoked
sausage products
• meat delicatessen products
Fast Food / frozen products / convenience products
plant foods and honey
organic food
• eggs / egg / poultry (module "poultry") 8 semester
• fish / crustaceans / molluscs (module "fish") 8 semester


Milk hygiene
Prof. Dr. Peggy G. Braun

• milk production, technology
composition of the milk
• milk processing
microbiology of milk
hygiene in milk production, risk avoidance
control of milk quality
residues in milk
• dairy products: technology, composition, process control
• national and European legislation on milk and milk products

Meat hygiene                                                                                                                                      Prof. Dr. Ernst Lücker, Dr. Ahmad Hamedy

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