• The teaching in the food hygiene of veterinary medicine according to TappV is carried out practice-oriented and partially interdisciplinary (modules, project work, tracks).


  • Our training is matched with the Catalogue of Teaching in Food-, Meat- and Dairy Hygiene in Germany, Austria and Switzerland [link]. The Supplement to the Catalogue of Teaching (Learning objectives - First day skills) you will find here [link].  


  • The teaching is in the form of lectures, courses, internships, and e-learning, including as interactive study courses for various foods. More information about the internships can be found here [link].


  • In the tracks of Veterinary Public Health, we carry out excursions in food-productions and slaughterhouses, as well as seminars.


  • Furthermore, students are guided to the independent scientific working in the context of project work [link]. More information on the program can be obtained from the homepage of the Dean [link].