Validation of an overall concept for the production of a fatty exchange preparation based on natural plant proteins

term 01.08.2013 - 31.07.2016
support: BMBF, Fördermaßnahme VIP

Frauenhofer Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung, Freising

reviser: Prof. Dr. Peggy G. Braun; Dipl.-Chem. Denise Melde
contents: The aim of the validation project is to review the process for obtaining the fat exchanger protein isolates with preparation of all by-products in terms of overall economic concept. For müssem concepts are judged as marketable by-products can be obtained in a reproducible quality and microbial safety, reviewed their applications and revenues are estimated. In terms of environmental impact and thus also economic feasibility of the treatment of saline process water must be a key focus of the research. Here are industrially relevant and economically viable solutions to be identified.